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An introduction to understanding and consuming CBD

An introduction to understanding and consuming CBD

Learn about the various ways to take CBD and remove the confusion surrounding its terminology.

The possible benefits of CBD (short for Cannabidiol) are hard to resist,With anti-stress and pain-fighting properties.It is one of the trendiest new supplements on the market. Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD is one of the few cannabis products that can be sold legally over the internet in several countries. This ease of accessibility means that more people are buying CBD oil than ever.

As word gets out about this amazing natural molecule, more and more products are flooding the health and wellbeing scene. How can you tell which products are actually worthy of the claims?

There are now more varieties of CBD products available than ever before, and some may be more effective than others. To help you decide exactly what products will work best for you, here are three things you need to know before buying CBD oil online.

1. There are several ways to take CBD.

There is more to CBD than oil. While CBD vapor cartridges, CBD tinctures, and hemp extracts are the most common products, there are actually many different ways to enjoy the cannabinoid. For example, did you know that you can buy CBD-infused skincare products and transdermal patches? What about CBD-infused coffees and other edibles?

There are some major differences between how different preparations of CBD are processed by the human body. Some forms of CBD are very fast-acting, while other forms offer greater relief and produce more noticiable effects.

Before buying CBD oil online, it’s recommended that you to do some research regarding what types of products will best suit your individual needs. To help you get started, here is a rundown of the most popular ways people consume CBD:


Inhalation is one of the most common ways to use CBD. Oils from high-CBD cannabis plants are extracted and used to fill cartridges for e-cigarettes. CBD disposable vape pens are an excellent choice for those who need rapid and on-demand relief. After inhaling, you can expect the effects of CBD to last somewhere between two and three hours.


Some prefer to put a little CBD under their tongue. Sublingual sprays and drops allow the cannabis compound to quickly absorb into the bloodstream. If you’re hoping to experience the effects of CBD in a hurry, this method is perhaps the second most fast-acting. It may take between five and 15 minutes for the sublingual CBD to take effect.


There are now a large variety of CBD-rich superfoods, from infused coffees to simple gummies, new culinary creations seem to hit the market every day. However, these edibles come with a few drawbacks. While CBD infused-foods are excellent for those looking for long-lasting relief, they can take up to two full hours to take effect.


Ideal for mild to moderate aches and pains, CBD topicals are infused balms, lotions, creams, and other skincare products. When they are applied topically, CBD will not enter into the bloodstream. Instead, it works its magic in a localized area by being absorbed into the skin.

2. Full-spectrum CBD oils and Isolates are not the same.

If choosing the right product wasn't already complicated enough, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some unfamiliar terms on the packaging or descritption when buying CBD oil online. The most misunderstood culprits? The real difference between “full-spectrum CBD” and “CBD isolate.”

While this terminology may seem confusing at first, these phrases can actually tell you quite a lot about the benefits of certain products before buying CBD oil. Simply stated, the terms describe how the CBD was prepared before being added to an oil or product.

The manner of preparation matters. Both full-spectrum oils and isolates may produce different effects on the human body and may each be better suited to those with specific needs. Before buying CBD oil, consider how the two compare with one another:

CBD isolate

As the name suggests, CBD isolate products have been had the CBD purified and isolated from all other compounds found in the cannabis plant. This purified CBD is then mixed in with a carrier oil, like MCT oil or sunflower oil. Some of the benefits of buying CBD oil isolates include:

  • Little or no chance of accidentally consuming psychoactive THC.
  • Easy to get a precise dose.
  • No hemp taste or aroma.

The disadvantage of buying CBD oil isolate is that It’s only CBD! The cannabis plant is capable of producing over 400 different chemical compounds and scientists are still trying to figure out how these relate to one another and what benefits they in turn may have. By purifying CBD, consumers may miss out on the benefits provided by other compounds found in the cannabis plant.

Full-spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum oils are a little more complicated. Overall, these products are the opposite of isolates. They represent a true essential oil of the cannabis plant, no isolation or purification involved.

This essential oil is a potent concentration of cannabis resin, which is where many vital nutrients and medicinal compounds are stored in the plant. These medicinal compounds include the aroma molecules that give different hemp and cannabis varieties their unique fragrances. As it turns out, these aroma molecules may work with CBD to enhance some of the cannabinoid’s healing effects.

3. Hemp seed oil and CBD oil aren’t the same.

There are a couple final points to clear up before buying CBD oil. Firstly, hemp and cannabis are the same plant. The difference is that cannabis is referred to as “hemp” when it does not produce a psychoactive effect. In the United States, cannabis products sold as hemp must test with less than 0.3 percent psychoactive THC. Unlike recreational cannabis, these plants will not produce any intoxicating effects or that 'high'.

Secondly, there’s a difference between hemp seed oil and hemp CBD oil.Hemp seed oil doesn’t contain any CBD at all! As the name suggests, hemp seed oil is nutritional oil extracted from the seeds of cannabis plants. While these seeds contain plenty of healthy fats, they do not contain any of the cannabinoids that make the plant a valuable medicine.

Hemp CBD oil is made by extracting essential oils from cannabis leaves and flowers. The foliage and buds of the cannabis plant are covered by a sticky resin, and it is this resin that contains high concentrations of aroma molecules and compounds like CBD.


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