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How to Have a Better Vape Experience

How to Have a Better Vape Experience

Are you new to vaping and are trying to have the best experience possible? Click here to learn how to have an awesome vape experience.


Are you a newbie vape user and want to learn correct usage and e-liquid advice? Or are you an experienced vape user, but want to discover new products and kits?

Vaping is still a relatively new industry, but it's skyrocketing at ultra speeds. Each vape user is different -- everyone has their own preference for products, pens, e-liquids, flavours, VG/PG ratios, and nicotine levels.

And here's the million dollar question: are you vaping for enjoyment, to quit smoking or both?

Vaping is a new world and there's a lot to learn. But the fact is: anyone can vape, and there's a different method for anyone. Here's some insight on how to get the best vape experience.

Know Your Nicotine Preference

Several vape users started to vape to assist with their cigarette addiction. While there are vape users who substitute vape for cigarettes, there are plenty of vape users who just enjoy the vape experience.

Because of these different vape users, e-liquid manufacturers create their e-liquids with various levels of nicotine.

If you're vaping for the pleasure, no nicotine is recommended. Nicotine is what gives you the 'throat hit.' This boils down to harshness -- vapour with no nicotine hits easy. You'll receive more flavour and enjoyment.

For those who are quitting cigarettes, vape throughout the day to receive the minimal amount of nicotine required for your habit. A small to a medium percentage (.5 - 1%) is ideal, but use as much as you feel you need.

When you purchase e-liquid, you're given a choice of nicotine percentages. You can opt for no nicotine or even as high as 2% nicotine, which is almost as much as the amount of a normal cigarette.

Know Your VG/PG Preference

Right next to the nicotine levels are the PG and the VG. PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) make up other vapour factors such as flavour intensity, temperature, and even allergies.

Like nicotine, both contribute to the 'throat hit.'

VG and PG are also easy to turn into vapour and are considered safe by the United States FDA.

Here are the factors that are affected by differing VG and PG levels:

  • Throat Hit
  • Flavour
  • Vapour Production
  • Viscosity

PG is a thin ingredient. It has a stronger throat hit but the flavour is more potent. VG is thicker, which means it produces bigger clouds of vapour. The flavour won't be as strong, but it'll be less strong of a throat hit.

Your atomizer can also handle certain types of e-liquid. Any atomizer can handle a higher PG e-liquid but only certain atomizers (such as sub ohm) can handle a VG e-liquid.

All e-liquids contain VG and PG, but each flavour is made with a different variation. You can range from more VG and less PG, from more PG and less VG, or equal amounts of both.

If you're unsure of your preference, stick to a 50/50 e-liquid. Once you're accustomed to vaping and can determine if you enjoy the flavour or want less of a throat hit, you can alter your e-liquid choice.

Let the Vapour Sit

Regardless of your vaping preference, let the vapour sit in your mouth before inhaling.

How long you let the vape sit is up to you -- it can be a super brief hold, or you can hold the vapour for several seconds.

It's easy to want to take a long draw.

Producing large, powerful clouds is always fun. But for the best vape experience, take a short but sharp draw. You'll receive a lot of flavour and will still absorb nicotine and VG/PG. Taking shorter draws also prevents you from coughing.

Don't be embarrassed by experimenting with different inhaling methods. Once you find the right method, your vaping experience will improve.

Choosing a Kit

Now that you have e-liquid knowledge, it's time to choose your vape pen. For a beginner, this might seem confusing. There are several types of pens, different materials, and odd terms such as 'tank' and 'coil'.

Fortunately, there are beginners' kits to educate you and assist you with all of the materials you'll need.

Your typical vape starter kit comes with:

  • Box Mod (internal or external battery)
  • Vape Tank
  • Spare Coil (where the e-cigarette is filled)
  • Charger
  • Manual

There are many kits available, it may be hard to pick which one works for you. In this case, look up reviews or visit your local vape shop for recommendations.

Are you beyond a beginners' level?

It may be time for you to upgrade. Beginner vape kits only include the bare necessities, but you may be knowledgeable about your vape preferences. Maybe you need a stronger battery and other settings such as temperature control.

With the right knowledge, you can upgrade your vape kit to the kit of your dreams.

Understand Atomizers

The atomizer is what truly makes a great vape experience. The atomizer, also called the vape tank, is an important part of vaping. This is where the e-liquid is made into vapour.

As you become an experienced vape user, you begin to understand how different atomizers contribute to different vaping experiences.

Do you want better cloud production? Or better flavour? Special vape tanks contribute to a different experience, and it's important you understand them.

Popular atomizer types include:

Disposable - Perfect for new vape users. They throw out old atomizers and buy new, inexpensive ones.

Replaceable Coil Heads - Some of the most common atomizers. You can replace the coil heads by screwing them on and off.

Rebuildable Atomizers - Offer a customized vape experience. You build the atomizer and coil to your preference. Preferred for experienced vape users and those who understand the mechanisms of vaping.

There are also different ohm levels to consider, which are standard units of electrical resistance. To avoid complication, here are some easy facts to remember:

Lower Ohm - Creates more heat at the coil, resulting in more vapour.

High Ohm - Usually the standard. Creates less heat, but the vapour is cooler.

Sub Ohm - Recommended for the experienced vape user. This has an extremely low ohm, less than 1.

They produce bigger clouds by drawing more heat to vaporize a lot of liquid in a small amount of time. Only specialized gear can support Sub Ohm vaping.

Have the Best Vape Experience

To get the best out of vaping, you need the right combination of gear and your technique. But your vaping experience mainly comes from knowing your preference. If you're a beginner, start simple and get to know you're vaping style.

For experienced vape users, start to upgrade your gear or buy specialized e-liquid.

Regardless of your vape expertise, we have a wide selection of products for all vape users.


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