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Young Mother claims vaping CBD cured her Eczema

Young Mother claims vaping CBD cured her Eczema

A 27 year old Mother of one claims vaping CBD cured her debilitating Eczema

  • Cheryl Halliburton started suffering from severe eczema after her pregnancy
  • Her skin was so painful and cracked that she was not able to work regularly
  • Treatment with Steroids cleared up some of her skin but did not help heal her face
  • Her father suggested trying CBD oil, which she says worked rapidly within weeks

A Scottish woman from Elgin whose eczema was so bad she ended up in hospital and said she wanted to 'rip her skin off' says smoking a cannabis oil in a vape pen has cured her.

The alarming difference of her condition can be seen in the images below

Image of woman with severe Eczema before cbd treatment Image of woman with severe Eczema after cbd treatment

Cheryl Halliburton,having suffered with Eczema as a child, began experiencing severe outbreaks of the uncomfortable skin condition after giving birth to her daughter, Alexis four years ago. The condition became so bad she had to take time off work as a care worker, could not socialise with friends and at one point was rushed to hospital by her husband due to infection.

She attended numerous GP appointments where Doctors believed the condition may have been triggered again by pregnancy hormones and was given courses of steroids, light treatment and blood tests.

Mrs Halliburton, 27, told how her red, sore skin would crack open to create oozing wounds and despite many trips to the doctors she did not get the answers she sought. Speaking out she said 'On bad days I wasn't even able to take my daughter to nursery or would be unable to work or leave the house and a combination of antihistamine and painkillers would make me drowsy,I would feel like I wanted to rip my skin off'.

On August the 2nd this year her flare ups were so out of control that she was rushed to hospital by here concerned husband, Craig.

Mrs Halliburton said: 'I couldn't move my face and neck and there were open wounds on my chest that were weeping.'

'I was was cold and shaky and felt like I wanted to be sick, and was placed on a drip overnight to treat the infection that had gotten into my skin.

Father suggested trying CBD oil

Her father suggested she try vaping CBD oil Mrs Halliburton was stunned by the rapid results and says her skin began to improve in just two weeks, her agonising flare-ups stopped and she has been able to reclaim her normal life and can even eat food which once caused skin reactions.

Mrs Halliburton said:'I've not looked back since.I hope it continues to work so I can lead a normal life'

'I've been able to go shopping with my little girl, even go back to work. Alexis has noticed the difference as she always had to stay in the house with me.'

'I have been able to eat bread and other things I haven't eat in a long time without flare-ups and even had a glass of wine.'

'I hope it continues to work so I can lead a normal life.'

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