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Buy 100ml of Juice!

All our e-liquids made from ingredients sourced only from reputable UK and US based companies and made with strict quality control procedures.

We offer a huge range of flavours to cater for the tastes of every vaper and are confident in the quality and flavour of our goods.

We sell e liquid made in the UK using Pharmaceutical grade VG/PG and Nicotine, all our products are made from UK and US sourced ingredients sourced only from reputable companies and made with strict quality control procedures and are fully TPD compliant.

Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)

To address the requirements of TPD we state very clearly here that you as a retail customer are buying the following when you purchase one of our '100ml' products

  • 10 X 10ml Bottles of TPD Compliant VG/PG/Nicotine base Liquid which will not exceed 20mg in strength.
  • 15-20ml of Flavour Concentrate (based on your selected flavour) supplied in a 20ml Bottle
  • 1 X EMPTY 100ml Bottle
  • 1 X adhesive label with details of the flavouring and ingredients (already attached)and all TPD required warnings


By selecting the 'Combine after purchase' drop down option to 'Yes'

when you are then legal owner of the product, we will add the contents of your 10 X 10ml Bottles and the Flavouring to your empty 100ml Bottle, attach the label and send this out to you with no charge for combining the individual components, as well as disposing of or recycling the now empty 10ml bottles.

If you select 'No' for this option we will of course send you your order as described above

VG/PG Advice

VG/PG Blend Strengths Suggested Usage
VG/PG 80/20 This is the maximum amount of VG (with flavouring it is actually between 80-90%). Ideal for those big vapour clouds.
VG/PG 70/30 Produces a smooth inhale with clouds of vapour, probably the most popular blend.
VG/PG 60/40 If you prefer Vapour over flavour and throat hit.
VG/PG 50/50 A balance and compromise between throat hit, flavour and vapour production.
VG/PG 40/60 If you prefer flavour and throat hit over vapour.Usually preferred by those coming from traditional cigarettes.
VG/PG 30/70 Ideal for those who enjoy intense flavour and throat hit with moderate clouds when vaping.
VG/PG 20/80 A small vapour cloud, intense flavour and a strong throat hit.
Nicotine Strength Suggested Use*
0% For those who only want to enjoy the wide range of our flavours. Zero nicotine
0.3% For dripping or very light smokers
0.6% Ideal for Smokers of 10 low strength cigarettes a day
1.2% Perfect for Smokers of 10 standard strength cigarettes a day
1.8% Aimed at Smokers of 15-20 standard strength cigarettes a day


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Take advantage of our Free shipping policy on orders over £25. They will be sent to you by Royal Mail 2nd Class post.

  • All orders placed before 3pm Mon-Fri will usually be shipped that day.
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  • Orders are shipped in unmarked plain packaging (Padded envelopes for smaller orders, small cardboard boxes for larger orders)


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Any order over £25 is shipped FREE

Take advantage of our Free shipping policy on orders over £25. They will be sent to you by Royal Mail 2nd Class post.