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Tips on How to Avoid Vaping Spitback

Tips on How to Avoid Vaping Spitback

Having hot e-juice pop or spit into your mouth while vaping is unpleasant. Avoid vaping spitback with these tips and keep your vaping experience enjoyable.

Today, there are four times as many vapers in the UK a there were just five years ago.

But there's one thing that vapers of all experience levels dread: spitback.

Vaping spitback occurs when hot e-liquid shoots into your mouth while you inhale. Even though it's not dangerous, it usually results in an unpleasant experience.

Thankfully, there are many potential solutions to this issue. And the good news is that if one method doesn't fix it, another one likely will.

Let's look at a few useful tips you can use to prevent vaping spitback.

Avoid Over-Priming Your Coil

You should always prime a new coil before using it. But over-priming can cause e-juice to pool on your coil.

To avoid this, put only one drop at a time. Keep an eye on your wicking material and stop priming once it darkens.

If you over-prime, hold the fire button for a brief moment before inhaling. After you no longer hear any popping noises, you can take a hit without having to worry about vaping spitback.

Get a Higher VG E-Liquid

The PG VG ratio of your e-liquid impacts the performance of your tank.

Vapers who seek a strong throat hit benefit from a higher PG ratio. But e-liquids high in PG are less viscous, so they soak into the wicking material very quickly. This increases the likelihood of flooding.

Opting for a high VG e-liquid will reduce wicking speed. If you're currently using a 50/50 blend, try going up to at least a 70/30.

Generally, you're better off using a higher VG e-liquid if you have big coils and wicking ports.

Increase Your Wattage

Another common cause of flooding is low wattage. If your wattage is low, e-liquid cannot vaporize quickly enough. The liquid that doesn't get vaporized drips into your coil, and it eventually ends up in your mouth.

You don't have to increase your wattage too much to fix this. Taking it up by 5-10 W is enough. This will help ensure your e-liquid heats properly without burning out your coil.

Don't Draw Too Hard

Some of us enjoy taking deep, long draws. But inhaling too strongly can cause vaping spitback. You end up pulling too much e-liquid into the chamber, flooding the coil.

Try inhaling more softly. It prevents your coil from becoming overwhelmed.

If you continue to have issues after making this adjustment, you can try reducing the airflow as well.

Putting an End to Vaping Spitback

The tips outlined above should help improve your vaping experience. But if you leave your vape lying around for a day or two, your first few hits may result in some spitback.

In some cases, flicking the tank downward a few times solves the problem. Try doing this each time you fill up your tank too. Any surplus e-liquid should fall out of your mouthpiece.

Also, be sure to clean your tank regularly. Condensation can accumulate in the hardware, so use cotton buds or tissue paper to wipe it off.

Are there any solutions we missed? Feel free to share your suggestions the comment section below.

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